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Themes are often important infrastructures within stories. Many novels have multifacted themes that seem to layer and expound on things we can all relate to in life and find most important. If a specific theme jumps out at you and you want your theme idea posted here, simply click on the contact page and I will feature your theme here!

God is with us

Many people forget or have the idea that God is with you when you become saved. This story was inspired by the knowledge that God is with you from the very beginning of your journey. Interruption: Shae's Search, chronicles the journey of a young lady who struggles in navigating through life. God is with her every step of the way inlcuding through every bad decision made. God uses the events and decisions in our lives, good or bad, to save us pointing to something greater!

You Can't Run Away!

Another profound theme in this novel is the understanding that you can't run away. Many of life's problems need to be confronted and handled. While this can prove to be scary it usually results in the most powerful breakthroughs you could ever experience. These confrontations requires interaction with the truth. Once you interact with the truth and confront your stumbling block, that wall has no choice but to crumble!

"Having money isn't everything, Not having it is!"

In this novel you will see that Shae often has access to tens of thousands of dollars. Did you notice that despite her access to money, NONE of her problems were able to be solved? That in order for her to evolve, she had to endure the hard lessons including ones that were due to her poor decsion making? There are times when one must take notice that you can have everything and nothing all at the same time. There are also times when you have little but feel like you have it all!

The Power of Influence...

Everyone has the power to influence to a degree. Your influence, and how you use it, has the ability to shape the lives of those around you. Chanelle and Henry often used their influence to manipulate, almost destroying the emotional wellbeing of Shae. How we use our influence determines our character and the very foundation of who we are. Our influence could shape the next world leader or completely destroy a soul. How will you use your influence?

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