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Silver: Holding Physical Silver or The Depository

Inspired InSpirit Publications


November 18, 2020

Most investors prefer to have silver in their custody. There is a popular saying among investors, "If you don't hold it, you don't own it." While you don't have to hold your entire inventory, you definitely want to have some custodial ownership of some of it.

Silver is an excellent affordable hard asset to invest in. It meets all the important characteristics of money. However, due to its affordability, portability can potentially be a problem.

High volume silver is heavy and depending on where you live can be a safety concern. It's always advised to have a safe. (Gun safes are perfect due to their weight and ability to be bolted to the ground). It's also difficult to travel with. When you have high volume inventory and want to travel globally, you may be facing high fees such as import taxes.

Some great reasons to hold physical silver include, having a high energy item in your environment. It's actual wealth and vibrates at a high frequency. It's a physical wealth that can be passed generationally. Each generation acquiring the appreciation of value over long periods of time. Lastly, the store of value offers you purchasing power protection. What you invested in the silver should over time more than double. Had you placed that investment in a savings account, your investment would be exactly what you put in and not a penny more.

Depositories can be great solutions to the safety and storage concern. For high volume owners it can also be the answer to portability issues. One of the questions you do want to ask is, if I want to liquidate, will I get the Highest Market Rate? It's suggested that you always choose a depository that is not associated with the dealer you purchase from. Always select a 3rd party depository. This check and balance will assist in getting the highest market rate because you will shop around and understand your options.

Most high volume silver owners do a little bit of both. They keep some physical silver in their custody and have inventory within a 3rd party depository.

Just starting? You can begin by purchasing the Highest Asset Class of Silver. If holding physical silver, be aware of the safety concerns and do not disclose you are holding high volumes of physical silver . Secure it in a safe if at all possible.

ERIN N. SIMON is a writer, blogger, and visionary in raising the conscious level regarding wealth within her Community. One of her passions is to raise the level of Wealth Awareness with as many people as possible. In 2013, She and her husband started Inspired, In-Spirit Transformation. They have recently started a Publishing Company called Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing which have multiple published books on their shelves, four of which are Erin's; Interruption: Shae's Search, Interruption: Interlude & The Series Finale Interruption: Alter Ego, & Undercover & Under The Covers: Starring Detective Aja Anderson. Her husband has a company known as GS Investments in which financial freedom is gained one investment at a time. She currently resides in Mexico City with her husband and four handsome sons...

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