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Silver: A Diversified Portfolio

Inspired InSpirit Publications


November 17, 2020

Like any portfolio, you want to diversify. Silver has multiple asset classes and can be a fun portfolio to build.

Constitutional Silver consists of nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars minted after 1830 and before 1965. These coins are 90% silver and no longer in circulation due to their value. Currently, one quarter (.25 cents) minted before 1965 is worth over $4.00 USD! Should you need to liquidate some of your inventory, this is recommended to be the first to go.

Standard bars & plates are perfect to add volume to your inventory. They come in an assortment of 1, 2, 5, and 10 ounce selections. This part of your portfolio is good for liquidating higher volumes for capital to invest in other undervalued opportunities.

Silver Rounds: Generic and/or High End Rounds - Appreciate consistently in value and perfect selections to diversify your portfolio. Your higher end silver rounds include .9999 fine silver (99.99% pure silver) typically from the Royal Canadian Mint as well as your American Eagles and Austrian Philharmonics, just to name a few. When in doubt of what is considered a higher end silver round, you cannot go wrong with the American Silver Eagle. They are universally recognizable to all dealers and known for its value appreciation.

Specialty Silver, Relics, Low Mintage silver, etc - These are a bit more expensive and typically are selected based upon what resonates with the investor. My personal rule of thumb: if making a significant investment, check to see if the item has a cult following like Marvel, universally recognizable, and/or is low mintage (limited selection in circulation). These items are worth holding on to, and if able, passed down as generational wealth. They steadily increase in value over time.

MS70/PR70/PF70 Numismatics are the Highest Asset Classes of Silver. Numismatics are examined by a Numismatist, or coin expert, who rates the coin based on the Sheldon scale of 1-70. Coins graded 1 are crappy in condition and coins graded 70 on this scale are minted in perfection. Low mintage coins (limited amount of coins minted) are especially valuable and add to the exponential appreciation in value. These coins come encapuslated in a plastic slab, which has several key indicators on the label:

  1. There is a barcode establishing the chain of custody of owners, which can be traced.

  2. The regulatory agency that examines and authenticates the coin.

  3. What type of Coin; Mint State (MS), Proof (PR), First Strike (PF), etc and its rating on the Sheldon Scale

  4. Tamper resistant seal: lets you know this coin has never been opened, tampered with, or altered in any way.

  5. The label of the coin itself authenticates it as the Highest Asset Class to be immediately universally recognizable to dealers.

Some universally recognizable grade MS 70 Coins include: American Eagles, Marvel Comics, and The Austrian Philharmonic to name a few. Numismatic coins can also be considered fine art and are definitely the Mona Lisas' of your silver gallery.

Consistently adding at least one ounce per month, will have you on your way to creating a comprehensive silver investment portfolio. Don't know where to start? Get the highest Asset Class of Silver, first. In time, fill in the blanks with the rest of the volume along the way.

ERIN N. SIMON is a writer, blogger, and visionary in raising the conscious level regarding wealth within her Community. One of her passions is to raise the level of Wealth Awareness with as many people as possible. In 2013, She and her husband started Inspired, In-Spirit Transformation. They have recently started a Publishing Company called Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing which have multiple published books on their shelves, four of which are Erin's; Interruption: Shae's Search, Interruption: Interlude & The Series Finale Interruption: Alter Ego, & Undercover & Under The Covers: Starring Detective Aja Anderson. Her husband has a company known as GS Investments in which financial freedom is gained one investment at a time. She currently resides in Mexico City with her husband and four handsome sons...

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