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Affirmations & Me

Affirmations are great ways to retrain your negative brain into a positive productive one. They are impactful reminders that ignite the Divine Spark within us and empower us to be our most authentic selves. If you are doing the mindset mapping series on YouTube with me and need some affirmations, you came to the right place.

1. I am progressing abundantly & wisely in all dimensions of my life.

2. My ideas & visions come to fruition prosperously and effortlessly.

3. I know what to say. I know what to do. I know where to go. I know who to network & partner with.

4. My vision is clear & definable. I know what I want & can see the path & execution of that vision with clarity & wisdom.

5. I am able to identify & express what I want with power and vigor.

6. I am empowered. My mind is clear, wise, focused, & centered.

7. All of my relationships, associations, networks, & partnerships are fulfilling, beneficial, honor & admire me. EVERYONE serves a purpose to my benefit.

8. I am enough!

9. I am empowered!

10. I deserve all that comes to benefit & prosper me!

11. I am well respected, we honored, adored & valued at home and among the masses!

12. I am empowered! I have total control & choice!

13. I am confident in my decision making ability!

14. I am visionary!

15. I am powerful! I radiate & embody power!

16. I am motivated & driven by my responsibilities!

17. I am supported & loved by The Universe!

18. I am trusting & confident in my wisdom & intuition!

19. I listen to my intuition & inner knowing!

20. It is just as good to receive as is to give! I receive freely & gratefully! I love to receive abundance, prosperity, wealth, honor, & respect with Grace & Humbleness.

21. My mindset is clear, full of power, encouragement, visions, & attracts all opportunities of wealth, prosperity, abundance, Wisdom, power, & love.

22. I am all things wonderful, & talented! I am Excellence!

23. I can have it absolutley all AND be balanced, centered, focused, content, tranquil, & peaceful

24. I am the manifestor of wealth in great abundance & prosperity in all aspects.

25. My visions are clear! I manifest, I command, I decree, I create, I attract: Goodness, Prosperity, Abundance, Multitudes of Perfect Opportunities, Love in all aspects, Admiration & Respect, Perfect Health in all aspects, Longevity, Fulfilling and Beneficial partnerships/networks/relationships, All my Needs, Desires, Wants, Necessities, & Requests Fulfilled, & Success in abundance!

23. I can have it absolutely all AND be balanced, centered, focused, content, tranquil, &

ERIN N. SIMON is a writer, blogger, and visionary in raising the conscious level within her Community. One of her passions is to create a Black Media that truly matters, is promotable, and shared with as many people as possible. In 2013, She and her husband started Inspired, In-Spirit Transformation. They have recently started a Publishing Company called Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing which have multiple published books on their shelves, four of which are Erin's; Interruption: Shae's Search, Interruption: Interlude & The Series Finale Interruption: Alter Ego, & Undercover & Under The Covers: Starring Detective Aja Anderson. Her husband has a company known as GS Investments in which financial freedom is gained one investment at a time. She currently resides in Mexico City with her husband and four handsome sons...

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