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Benefits of Offshore Banking

Benefits of Off-Shore Banking

We are often lulled to sleep by the illusion of choice. In the U.S. especially, we feel that we have so many choices, that we are getting the best service available. Rarely, do people realize that we are given multiple choices of the same exact service? Who do you bank with? What services do they provide? I guarantee the next six banks provide the exact or a very similar service. It's time to start considering real choices and developing the ability to access them. In addition to your U.S. bank account, consider the benefit of an offshore account. Kempton Asset Management offers some significant benefits with employment. Offshore banking, direct deposit, is definitely a reason to consider employment with them.

Tax Free Element

Because Kempton is based out of the British Isle of Man, all commissions, bonuses and incentives are completely tax free. This, in addition to the Foreign Tax Exclusion, which makes up to $103,000 USD non taxable, allows you to aggressively save, securing your own financial future.

Non Reporting Institution

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act designates that foreign financial institutions report on the assets held by U.S. account holders. Many offshore bank accounts are non reporting. This is in no way telling you to not report your income to the U.S., but it is refreshing to actually have a choice in the matter. However, with your tax free element and foreign tax exclusion, reporting shouldn't be an issue and the perfect way to maintain compliance.

Diversifying Your Currencies

The dollar is steadily on the decline. Our government is constantly propping up the dollar. Just as you would invest in diversifying your portfolio, you should consider diversifying the currencies in which you hold. Another benefit to your offshore account, is the Call Account. You will have the ability to sell your dollar and purchase hard currencies such as Euros, Great British Pound, etc. Imagine having access to multiple currencies in one account, and the ability to profit from global trends.

Does your local bank account offer any of these services? Of course, but its offered with six figure minimum balances or extremely expensive maintenance fees. In a global market, it is important to have the ability to diversify the way you manage and maintain your money, assets, and wealth. It's also just as important to have the ability to begin doing so, when you are not yet making six plus figures per year, or trying to get back on your feet financially. Seek out an offshore bank account, today, to start enjoying theses benefits. Employment with Kempton Asset Management is one of the inexpensive ways to obtain these benefits!


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