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Social Media Marketing: Writing Tools for Business

Social Media Marketing: Writing Tools for Business

Social media marketing is a phenomenal tool used to advertise, promote, inform, and generate business. There are hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of potential consumers at your fingertips. Keep in mind, there are also thousand of other businesses vying for that same attention.

Social media marketing requires concise, compelling utilization of language to gain attention. Newsfeeds condition the user to scroll through quickly. Your concise, compelling post may be the difference in the user clicking for more detail or scrolling past.

FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, are designed to display short bursts of information. Practice the ability to engage your potential client with language that garners enough of their attention to stop scrolling. Have a Thesaurus handy and use dynamic language to captivate readers. Be direct. Have a link available for them to receive more detailed information regarding your product, service, or business.

Rule of thumb is quality over quantity. Post to FaceBook & LinkedIn once a day. Spamming users will get you blocked and/or your privileges suspended. No one likes nagging. Posting once a day shows potential clientele you are confident in business. Additionally, you have a ton of other things to do! Who has time to post a zillion times a day to social media, when they are running a business?

Long posts are likely to be ignored. If you take your time, to compose quality, concise content, you will eventually garner the audience you have been patiently waiting for. To offer potential clients more detailed information, consider blogging. Simply copy and paste the link into the post. It will preview your informational blog and not annoy your newsfeed. It's also the opportunity to introduce your website to your clients.

Twitter and Instagram are limited platforms for communication. You have 145 characters to get your point across. Again, I suggest a compelling sentence and the link to your blog or article. Since Twitter and Instagram have shorter posting lives, I suggest posting 1-2 times per day. Some companies have better results with posting more, but again, you're running a business. You have other objectives to complete.

Overwhelmed with having to post and respond? Consider hiring a Social Media Manager to assist you in your posting needs. Delegating this task, will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. Your Social Media Marketer should understand and be knowledgeable about your business objectives. They should be skilled in customer service and understand proper interactions with clients. They, in essence, are ghostwriting (ghost posting?) for you. Any inappropriate comments or even sharing the wrong article could potentially have a negative impact on your business. Emphasize the importance of using the social media pages for business interactions only.

Lastly, engaging your audience is important. If someone takes the time to contact you with questions, complaints, or suggestions, take the time out to respond as timely as possible. This is how you build your platform. Don't ignore one person for a few hundred blind likes. Consider each interaction as important. Be grateful and enthusiastic, even if they are complaining. This is the feedback you need to get better and more efficient. Thank them, listen carefully to what they express, and address their concern or comment.

The goal is to use clear concise writing on social media marketing to gain attention to your business. This requires diligence. Pursuing better writing habits will propel your business in the direction it deserves to go! Remember,





Repeat, until your perfect post is complete!

Keep an eye out for my YouTube videos, which can be found on the Petite Dialogues Tab of my website. They can also be found on my YouTube page, Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing. Please share and subscribe!

I believe in you!


Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing


ERIN N. SIMON is a writer, blogger, and visionary in raising the conscious level within her Community. One of her passions is to create a Black Media that truly matters, is promotable, and shared with as many people as possible. In 2013, She and her husband started Inspired, In-Spirit Ministries where they have a real estate arm in Detroit, Michigan. They have recently started a Publishing Company called Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing which have four published books on their shelves: In September of 2013, her first book within a series, Interruption: Shae's Search was published; followed up in May 2014 by the sequel, Interruption: Interlude; the series finale, Interruption: Alter Ego, was published August 2015; Under Cover & Under The Covers: Starring Detective Aja Anderson, published December 2016

Her husband has a company known as GS Investments in which financial freedom is gained one investment at a time. She currently resides in Florida with her husband and four handsome sons...

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