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How to Work Through Writers Block: Daily Meditation On Your Work


Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing

How to Work Through Writers Block: Daily Meditation On Your Work

Writers block can really be a challenge to writers. The further into the story you worked, the more annoying writers block can be. Before putting the manuscript away to collect dust, try the following:

Meditate on your writing, daily. I write in my head the majority of my day. This is done during activities that don't need my undivided attention. I construct and develop my story during these time periods. The best times to meditate on your work besides the wee hours of the morning include:

-Sorting and washing clothes

-Folding clothes

-Washing dishes

-Preparing breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner



-Waiting (Doctor's office, picking children up from school, and other errands)

During this meditation, you can generate content and development by working out:







While contemplating on your work, consider performing your dialogue out loud. While this may sound crazy, the auditory reinforcement allows you to do so much. Hearing the dialogue, offers you the opportunity to capture the right sentiment, emotion, and reaction. It will also let you know if your responses are realistic and appropriate for what you are trying to express. Performing your dialogue in front of a mirror, helps you to better envision nonverbal (body language and demeanor) of your characters. It will really bring your work to life and illicit the right reaction from your reader!

All writers experience writers block. Don't allow this to be an excuse for not writing. If you truly feel you are unable to move forward, try to exhaust all avenues to illicit some content for you work. Review your manuscript draft and ask yourself these questions:

-What is your character or characters doing?

-Why are they doing it? What does it lead to?

-What will happen because of it?

-How will they react/respond because of it?

-Where does this take place?

-When does this take place?

-How does this impact the characters? (Each character)

-How does it impact the relationship between characters?

-Does this impact their environment? If so, how?

-Does the answer to these questions drive the story in the right direction?

-Work on your character profiles

-Work on your subplots (Even if one at a time)

-Clean up your manuscript


Run on sentences



Redundant words, phrases, dialogue, explanations

The goal in the initial draft is to write and overcome writers block. Be consistent with this method and eventually, your story should be completed.





Repeat, until your manuscript is complete!

Keep an eye out for my YouTube videos, which can be found on the Petite Dialogues Tab of my website. They can also be found on my YouTube page, Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing. Please share and subscribe!

I believe in you!


Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing

ERIN N. SIMON is a writer, blogger, and visionary in raising the conscious level within her Community. One of her passions is to create a Black Media that truly matters, is promotable, and shared with as many people as possible. In 2013, She and her husband started Inspired, In-Spirit Ministries where they have a real estate arm in Detroit, Michigan. They have recently started a Publishing Company called Inspired, In-Spirit Publishing which have four published books on their shelves: In September of 2013, her first book within a series, Interruption: Shae's Search was published; followed up in May 2014 by the sequel, Interruption: Interlude; the series finale, Interruption: Alter Ego, was published August 2015; Under Cover & Under The Covers: Starring Detective Aja Anderson, published December 2016

Her husband has a company known as GS Investments in which financial freedom is gained one investment at a time. She currently resides in Florida with her husband and four handsome sons...

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