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Meet The Author

"Some people have a job. Some people have a career. Some people have a passion. Writing is my passion!"

Interruption: Shae's Search is a Romantic Drama about a 17 year old named Shae, who is struggling emotionally. The story chronicles the events of Shae, who has difficulty figuring out life and what it has to offer despite being a prodigy. Living in Brooklyn proves difficult with her neglectful, materialistic mother. Added to her, is the stress and struggle of trying to prevent being sexually harassed by her mother's billionaire husband, which exposes Shae to a world that she simply cannot handle.

Shae Rowenson

- Prodigy who has difficulty figuring out her world. Shae can often prove to be naive and unaware of how to operate in her environment.

Meet The Characters

Ramon Cruz

- Young Barber in Brooklyn who is duty bound and takes his responsibilities seriously. He is stubborn and can be intense as he himself determines to figure out life.

Henry Anderson

- A 40 year old billionaire who is used to getting what he pleases and what pleases him. Beguilement and charm are the skills he employs to ensure EVERYTHING is available to him.

Chanelle Anderson

- Chanelle is a prodigy of  materialistic pursuits. Money means opportunity to Chanelle and nothing will get in her way from obtaining a life of luxury, status, fame, and wealth. She is willing to do anything and sacrifice everything for this life.

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