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Character Profile Page


Meet the characters in Interruption: Shae's Search!

Shae Rowenson

Shae is a 17 year old prodigy who is very attractive. Highly intelligent, she has trouble navigating in her world and especially fast paced Brooklyn. Due to closeness in age, Shae's relationship with Chanelle is strained and confusing. Shae hates her mother's new boyfriend and must be very aware when he is in her presence. Then there's Ramon. He is an an enigma. Shae is completely puzzled by him but so intrigued. Is there any hope for Shae in finding love? Will she ever be able to flee Chanelle and Henry?

Chanelle Anderson

Chanelle is determined to get rich by any means necessary. Sixteen years older than her daughter, Shae, she will no longer be hindered by anything to achieve the life she deserves. It annoys her that her prodigy daughter refuses to use her God given intelligence to live a life of luxury. She is also miffed that her daughter doesn't use her allure to get the kind of men who can afford to be in the presence of their status in beauty. She is often telling Shae to Play the Game . Will Shae jeopardize the money? Or will she finally play along?

Ramon Cruz

Sexy and Intense... Ramon is the love interest of Shae. He watches Shae from afar, studying her. She intrigues him and as attractive as she is he is tantalized by the idea of making her his woman. He is also concerned about the stress she is under. He has no idea what's going on at home but knows it's not good. Will Shae's stress scare Ramon away? Will her situation at home ruin the opportunity for a stable relationship?

Henry Anderson

Multi-millionaire on his way the Billionaire Boys Club, Henry Anderson will not take NO as an answer. Power and Control are what drives him. Henry is used to having every and anything at his disposal with the wave of his hand. He has a taste for something just a bit more tender than his fiancee, Chanelle. Forbidden fruit is so much sweeter to him than free access. How long will Henry inappropriately pursue Shae?

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