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The Series Finale...

Interruption: Alter Ego



Shae is back and she is angry! Six years have passed since she was shot during Ramon's Wrap Party. Alone, broke, and desperate she seeks the only help she can think of, Henry. Her contractual agreement with Henry brings Shae guilt, which drives her to hide from Immanuel. Does Shae have what it takes to wade through her situation without Immanuel's guidance?


Her rage begins to take on a life of its own which translates into weird hallucinations. Her mind and emotions become cold and callous. She has a new, I dont give a damn attitude, but it's not enough to smother the pain she feels daily. Shae needs a serious intervention in her life. Will she receive one? Will she ever get the opportunity to gain closure from Ramon or will Jasmine get in the way? Find out in the series finale of the Interruption Series...Alter Ego!



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